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  • Sports Mesh Visor
    Sports Mesh Visor

    Premium sun and sports visor made from quality polyester Pre-curved...

  • Tiki Straw Hat
    Tiki Straw Hat

    Classic wide brim straw hat with coloured trim Large woven polyester...

  • Bruno Fedora Hat
    Bruno Fedora Hat

    Classic paper weave fedora with a polyester ribbon Polyester patch for...

  • Oilskin Wide Brim Hat
    Oilskin Wide Brim Hat

    Premium oilskin wide brim hat made from wax-treated cotton Waterproof...

  • Austral Wide Brim Hat
    Austral Wide Brim Hat

    Classic wide-brim hat made from 100% cotton twill Material provides...

  • Barbados Wide Brim Hat
    Barbados Wide Brim Hat

    Paper weave wide brim hat with a polyester ribbon Polyester patch for...

  • Swiss Peak 6 Panel Cap
    Swiss Peak 6 Panel Cap

    Deluxe six panel hat from Swiss Peak Made from a soft 98/2 blend of...

  • Swiss Peak 5 Panel Cap
    Swiss Peak 5 Panel Cap

    Deluxe five panel hat from Swiss Peak Made from a soft 98/2 blend of...


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  • Experience refreshing relief from the heat with our RPET Cooling Towel, a compact and eco-friendly cooling solution. Crafted from a sustainable 50/50 blend of RPET (Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate) and polyester, this towel is not only gentle on the environment but also highly effective in cooling. 

  • Experience instant cooling relief with our Active Cooling Towel, a versatile and multifunctional accessory. Crafted from high-quality polyester, this cooling towel not only keeps you comfortable during workouts but can also serve as a handy sports or gym towel.

  • Convenient and compact compressed towel made from 80gsm viscose rayon Perfect for travel, camping and festivals Towel expands to 70cm x 140cm when water is added Full colour digital print is available on the polypropylene packaging Lead time: 20 working days

  • Incredible towel which is manufactured from a 50/50 blend of nylon and polyester. Premium cooling towels have 50% nylon content and will cool faster than similar products made from 100% polyester or Dacron. Nylon fibres completely repel water which evaporates much faster when it contacts them.

  • Enduro Sports Towel is more than just a sports accessory; it's a versatile and comfortable companion for your active lifestyle. This high-quality towel measures 100cm x 30cm, providing ample coverage for various activities.

  • Experience the remarkable cooling power of the Yeti Premium Cooling Towel, crafted from a unique 50/50 blend of nylon and polyester. Unlike standard cooling towels, this premium option contains 50% nylon, ensuring rapid cooling that outperforms 100% polyester or Dacron alternatives. 

  • Crafted from luxurious 100% cotton terry towelling with a substantial 360gsm weight, our Fit Sports Towel is your ultimate companion for any active pursuit. This premium sports towel boasts exceptional absorption capabilities and is thoughtfully designed with a smooth fret area at the bottom, providing the perfect canvas for your branding needs.

  • Mako Gym Towel is a space-saving essential, measuring 100cm x 30cm and crafted from a blend of absorbent 200gsm polyester and nylon, ensuring rapid drying. Its ultra-compact and lightweight design make it perfect for the gym, travel, camping, sports, and outdoor activities.

  • Sabina Hair Towel, a turban-style essential crafted from luxurious 400gsm microfibre, redefines hair care with a vibrant full-color sublimation print. Measuring at 645mm x 250mm, this absorbent towel boasts a smart button closure, ensuring a secure and efficient wrap for quick hair drying.

  • Dazzle your customers with the Barley Bar Towel - Full Colour, a vibrant and visually striking accessory for any bar or kitchen. Measuring 700mm x 250mm, this towel boasts a soft 190gsm polyester crystal fleece surface that complements its absorbent 230gsm cotton terry towel backing.

  • The Yeti Premium Cooling Towel is an extraordinary accessory crafted from a specialized blend of 50% nylon and 50% polyester, ensuring rapid cooling superior to 100% polyester alternatives. Its innovative nylon fibers efficiently repel water, expediting the cooling process by facilitating faster evaporation when wet.

  • Experience the epitome of luxury with our double-folded 500gsm cotton golf towel, meticulously crafted for the avid golfer. The towel features a convenient eyelet and clip system, allowing seamless attachment to golf bags and carts.

Showing 1 - 12 of 38 items