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  • Simple but very useful item for keeping electronic accessories like earbuds, charging cables etc. tidy and tangle free when not in use. An ideal product for mailing.

  • Screen Buddy is your phone's best friend. A compact mini screen cleaner with a microfibre cleaning surface and resilient adhesive backing that remains sticky for hundreds of uses. Screen Buddy sticks securely to the back of any phone when not in use and can be printed in full colour.

  • Handy stand that holds a phone while charging. Folds to a compact size for delivery and is easily assembled.

  • Soft touch silicon holder for keeping electronic cables tidy and tangle free.

  • Slimline wallet that attaches to the back of a smart phone to hold a credit card, ID, hotel key or drivers license. Will also attach to most smart phone cases.

  • A compact screen cleaner that sticks securely to the back of a phone when not in use. Has a microfibre cleaning surface with a resilient adhesive backing that remains sticky for many uses and can then be washed and reused. It is ideal for cleaning phones, cameras and any other devices with small screens.  

  • Slimline PVC wallet which attaches to the back of a smart phone (or smart phone case) with strong 3M adhesive that won't leave marks if removed. Ideal for hlding a driver's licence, ID, hotel key, credit card or business cards.

  • Retractable plastic ball pen with a soft touch rubber lacquered grip and clip. Has a built in stylus for use with touch screens.

  • Sometimes, simple design is most effective design and this pen proofs it.  Textured rubber lacquered grip, metal accents and stylus nib at the tip of pen is all you need in stylus pen for your next promotion.

  • High quality microfibre cleaning cloth in small and large sizes. Can be printed in full colour on one or both sides. A lead time of 10-15 working days applies to this product.

  • Easy seal, water resistant pouch that protects smart phones from the elements. An essential item when using a smart phone around swimming pools, at the beach, boating, tramping, hunting etc. Will hold most smart phones and the plastic is conductive so the smart phone can be used when it is in the pouch.

  • Soft microfibre drawstring pouch for holding a phone or sunglasses. It is also ideal as a carry bag for power banks, earphones and charging cables. Due to its microfibre construction it can be used as a screen and lens cleaner.

Showing 1 - 12 of 107 items